Would you like to work with someone who supports the relationship between you and your clients?  Have you found that many companies are attempting to gain market share by going after your livelihood by combining Workers Compensation, health insurance, and 401(k) plans?

VistaCore’s strength is our relationship with various General Agencies, independent agents, brokers, and consultants.  Expect us to not only provide exceptional service and value with your business clients, but to support and strengthen your relationships too.  Using our years of experience in retirement and health benefit solutions, we will;

  • Provide advisory support for design, proposals, implementation, and servicing to meet the specific needs of your business clientele. 
  • Present client service experts that will be assigned to ensure compliance for IRS, Service Contract Work, Prevailing Wage Laws, and Davis-Bacon Act.
  • Report employer benefit contributions on the employee’s W-2…and provide the W-2’s!
  • Maintain your client’s census data and even track employee information for health, retirement, and fringe benefit eligibility.
  • Have real time communications concerning new hires, and terminations by your clients.
  • Reconcile your clients insurance statements and provide “List Billing”

 We let you be the broker, the advisor, and the consultant….our role is to provide exceptional and professional support while protecting your client base!  We ensure that funds go to the right places and everything is compliant.

VistaCore would like to become your strategic advantage.  Protect your book of business and grow your book of business with us.

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