VistaCore - the newest solution for benefits advisors

Posted on May 8, 2013 in General

We know that as a benefits advisor, you are always looking for new and better products for your clients.  Your clients depend on your expertise and rely on you to bring the right solution to them.  Introducing VistaCore!  The newest solution available to benefits advisors and their clients.

VistaCore offers Payroll, Retirement, and HR support services all under one umbrella.  Now you can bring a full benefits suite of services to support your client’s back office needs.  Learn more about Partnering with VistaCore.

VistaCore makes it easy for advisors to do business with us.  We understand the benefits world, and our service is structured with advisors in mind.

     Proposals – We have a simple one-page proposal/pricing request form.  It is a fillable PDF form that you can save on your PC, tablet or even smart phone.  Or you can print and complete by hand.  It’s easy!

     Sales materials – the experts at VistaCore will provide you with a beautifully simple proposal for you to use in the presentation to your client.  We can give you talking points, and we can participate in the sales meeting with you either virtually or real time.  You run the meeting – we are there to support you.

     Products – VistaCore is neutral on the products that you bring to the table.  Whether you focus on health benefits or retirement benefits or both, VistaCore will support whatever product you sell.  VistaCore is not affiliated with any product or company, so you will not be limited to a restricted menu of options.

     Service and support – From the set up, through the monthly servicing, through the year end reports, the VistaCore team of experts offers a streamlined process that will give your clients peace of mind.  When your client is happy, you are happy! 

     Protect your business – VistaCore does not sell any products, and we will never compete against you for your client’s business.  Unlike the national payroll services, we will never try to cross sell products behind your back.  VistaCore will help you stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to offering your clients the products and services that they need.

     Commissions – VistaCore supports our benefits advisors by paying a monthly commission.  The commission is a percentage of the fees that we charge as a way to support you in the hard work that you do keeping the client relationship in place.

VistaCore is a simple, yet comprehensive suite of services offered by a team of experts.  We support the needs of businesses and benefits advisors like you.  Click here for a link to the VistaCore proposal form, and take your first step to improving your book of business today.

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