Retirement plans are important for both the Employer and the Employee as a tax-advantaged savings vehicle.  The right plan design can help maximize your retirement benefit while simultaneously boosting employee morale.  Saving for retirement allows you to invest now so that you can retire with confidence in your future!

Selecting the right plan encompasses a number of considerations for the Plan Sponsor, including:

  • Workforce demographics including age, years of service, and compensation
  • How much the Owner would like to have at retirement
  • How much contribution flexibility the company needs

Benefits to the Employer:

  • Maximizing tax deductions
  • Attracting top employees and lowering turnover rate
  • Rewarding specific employee classes or groups
  • Contributions into the plan grow tax free
  • Flexible plan contributions

Benefits to the Employee:

  • Deferring taxes
  • Receiving the benefit of compounding interest
  • Saving for retirement

How we can help!

We understand the importance of choosing the right plan design. Our highly trained professionals work with you to design a plan that fits not only your needs, but the unique needs of your company and industry. We have clients that span the spectrum of size and industry, from one employee to a few thousand employees, from Law Firms to Construction to Retail, and we know that not every company is the same. As people often say, “You cannot fit a square peg into a round hole.” Put your plan in the hands of our certified team today!

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